Another thing to worry about: Creepy treehouses

Now, every time I do something I’ll have to ask myself, is this totally creepy treehouse?

(via ARCLog)

Oh, and I’m introducing a corollary term: monkey bars. Monkey bars takes creepy treehouse to that additional level. Sure, monkey bars seem like a good idea, not creepy at all, but they’re totally a sinister plot to destroy kids. Kids might have sense enough to stay away from the creepy treehouse, but the cannot resist the lure of the monkey bars.

The etymological source of my new term: Bill Cosby’s monologue “The Playground“.

The lesson to be learned: “Never play on nothing you never seen no grownups playing on.”

Like a Monkey | EJP Photo

image: EJP Photo

I’ll be thinking of good examples of technological monkey bars in the days to come, for sure. Got any you’d like to share?

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